vivo v15 Camera Review

The Vivo Mango is an affordable Android smartphone that has a powerful chipset and plenty of storage space. The device’s design is really sleek, and it comes with a unique dual camera set up on the back. However, this isn’t all the Vivo has to offer. In this review, we take a look at its performance and take a look at some of the unique features that differentiate the Vivo from other smartphone devices.


The Vivo is one of smartphone device vivo v15 from vivo, a new company formed by ex Nokia employees. The company claims that its new handset has a simple yet powerful user experience and that it will improve upon the capabilities offered by current smartphones. The Vivo Mango’s biggest selling point is that it has a powerful chipset, high resolution display, solid battery life, fast processor, great internal storage, and a powerful visual display. These are the main selling points of the vivo v15 pro, but what do we make of the other features?

The low light feature on the vivo v15 pro is very useful. I don’t know if I have ever had any use for low light on a smartphone device, but it does help the device out a lot. It is also capable of working while you are in low light, which is good because you can’t use the camera while you are in dim light at all.

There are many things you can do with the vivo v15 pro, but one of the best is taking quality vivo selfies. These selfies turn out looking quite good in the camera, but they are grainy. Nokia phones are known for having great photo quality, so this should not be a problem. There is something to be said for taking quality photos even if you are trying to get the most usable photos possible. The low light feature lets you take better quality vivo selfies no matter what kind of conditions you are in. You can get the greatest quality shots in low light, which is something you can say about almost any smartphone.

One of my favorite parts of the vivo v15 is its size. While it is taller than the Oppo F11 and has a larger display, it feels much smaller in your hand. This is in part due to the fact that the battery life is amazing on the With six.5-inch display on the Oppo F11, you can expect around two hours of screen time on average, but with the Nokia Mango, you can get a whole day of heavy use.

Nokia mobiles have one major shortcoming when it comes to software support and the ability to take high-quality pictures: the battery life. The vivo v15’s power on the back up is excellent, however, and you should have no issue here. Between this phone’s power and the fantastic camera on the Nokia 8.1, you will have hours upon hours of great use from this handset. If you enjoy taking pictures and the value of a big screen in your phone, the Nokia vivo v15 is a great choice.